Money-Saving Tips

Wondering how to save some extra money for a trip you have coming up? Well there are the obvious ways such as cooking at home, stop paying for services you don’t use, use coupons whenever possible, cut down on socializing, etc. However, there are several other options that help cutting back costs. Here are a few of my favorites.

For online shopping there are three sites that I love. You can accumulate either cash-back (Ebates) or points back (Swagbucks or MyPoints). You then choose to receive either a check or convert the points into a gift card for redemption. You are also able to complete surveys, watch videos, play games and print coupons which all help your balance accumulate. Easy way to save money on purchases you are already planning to make!

For hotels there are two apps that I love. Hotel Tonight is a company that lets you book last-minute hotels within the week for an extremely discounted price. If you use my promo code (DKOTOVETS) you can save an additional $25 off your first stay. The second is another great app to save money on accommodations. Airbnb is a website where people rent out their rooms or houses for a significantly lower price compared to a hotel.

For everyday grocery rebates I love both Ibotta and Mobi Save. You simply look at what items they have listed for rebates and if you end up buying any of them, be sure to upload your receipt in order to receive the cash back.

For daily deal sites these are my two favorites. Groupon has so much variety of deals around the world and has saved me money numerous times on restaurants, spas, getaways, etc. The same goes for Gilt City. Although it is a smaller selection of deals, they often offer a bigger savings with better companies.

For transportation these two are HUGE, especially since taxis are usually expensive. Uber has spread to many cities and countries around the world. Lyft I have not used out of the country but it has been a great help within the United States. Both apps are great even for comparing rates simultaneously with one another. 


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