Four Seasons


Melbourne is a dynamic cosmopolitan city. It is known for its great arts, sports, shopping, food, fashion and coffee. The city feels very modern European. Melbourne lets you experience four seasons in one day and I mean literally four seasons! It is truly amazing to see the weather change that frequently. But the good part is no matter how cloudy it becomes or how windy the air might be, there will always be a nice and bright sun shinning soon!


We stayed in The Docklands, which offers a nice little getaway at the edge of the CBD. The beautiful waterfront with cafes and high rise buildings was very calm. We often walked around the area and enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere.


The main part of the city is the CBD (Central Business District). Within this area you will find fantastic public transportation options, and it’s all FREE. The trams are the lifeline of the City of Melbourne and are well connected with important landmarks, lanes and market areas.



Within the CBD you will find the iconic Federation Square which is full of art and culture. You can check out free exhibitions at ACMI. Across the street is the famous St. Paul’s Cathedral. It is built with Victorian Gothic architecture. Another must-see within the area is Flinders Station that stunningly covers two whole city blocks! It is one of the longest railway platforms in the world and one of Melbourne’s iconic buildings.





One of the most fascinating attractions we encountered was the colorful street art and graffiti. Melbourne laneways are filled with all kinds of art: abstract, political, pop art, environmental, and social depiction. The best place to check these out would be at Hosier Lane or ACDC Lane. With so many artists living in the city, it keeps changing constantly giving you a new experience every time.



A place you cannot miss is the Queen Victoria Market. It was established in 1878 and is the biggest market in Melbourne. Upon entering you will see a labyrinth of stalls, where you can fill your baskets with all kinds of meats, fruits, flowers and clothing.



It wasn’t long before I located my favorite: passionfruit, and stocked up for the week.This market extends through several blocks and has everything you could possibly need.



Another beautiful place is the Southbank where you can enjoy a lovely walk along the river with cafes, restaurants, and interesting statues. This is where the Crown complex is located which encompasses a huge casino and high-end shopping. The area is nice to visit at all hours of the day as you can enjoy spectacular river and city views.

Now after all this reading about places to visit I’m sure you’re wondering when I will begin talking about food? It’s so hard to even figure out where to begin. Melbourne is a food MECHA. You will find just about anything and everything. Rotating Sushi Trains seem to be a huge hit as we saw one on almost street. Spanish churros are also fairly common and you can even get them filled with cream inside.





The CBD has all types of unique desserts. We found a frozen yogurt shop that puts their soft serve into an actual watermelon! We also wandered into a Kit Kat store where I was able to design my own Kit Kat, everything from the flavors to the box.  Seafood, wine and steaks are also very popular in Australia and I love how fresh everything always taste.

I don’t want to go into too much detail on the food as I will be making a blog post focused on it later on. However we had an incredible time in Melbourne and truly fell in love with the city. We also rented a car to take a road trip outside of the city, which was one of the greatest experiences! Later this week I will be writing about it.

As always thank you for reading!


❤ Danielle




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